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What is the Youth Consumer Voice?

Youth = What youth is changes with time and place, but a good range is 0-24. If you live by the smart phone, don't have a house and still don't know what you want to do when you grow up, you are probably a youth.

Consumer = Someone that has been through (or is in) the mental health system. Also known as Tangata Whaiora, Service Users, Clients and many more names.

Participation = Having an active, meaningful voice. Having the drive and ability to change how things work.


There are a few ways to increase youth consumer participation around New Zealand. One of the best ways is through a youth consumer advisor. Having young people actively involved makes the services better in a huge amount of ways.


This page has all the events and training for young people.

Youth Consumer Advisors

A Youth Consumer Advisor:

  • Gets feedback from other young people; this might mean attending the same groups, adding ways to give feedback, social media or anything else.
  • Giving feedback on projects the service works on
  • Making resources (brochures, letters, etc) more youth friendly.
  • Attend events, trainings and conferences then bring that knowledge back to the team
  • Participate in decision making such as staff recruitment. 
  • A big part of the role is driven by your passion. You find something that could be better and you improve it.

How we help:

  • Encourage and support the workforce in increasing the Youth Consumer Workforce.
  • Support a network of youth consumer advisors and youth advisory groups around the country with info, resources and events.
  • Help improve Māori and Pacific youth consumer participation in services.
  • Include youth consumer participation in all our work.
Resources for young people:

What to do, How to do it and Everything In Between - A guide book on everything about youth consumer advisors.

Not Just Another Participation Model (Guidelines for enabling effective youth consumer participation in CAMH and AOD services in New Zealand, 2nd edition 2009)

What to use, How to use it and everything online - A guide to using online tools to create resources.

The Knowledge Base - A collection of knowledge on how to increase youth participation.

Resources for services:

Active Youth Participation and Advice (A toolkit for developing, recruiting and supporting youth consumer advice in your service)

Youth Consumer Participation in NZ Report July 2010

Self Assessment Tool for Youth ParticipationThis easy to use sheet lets you find out what benefits you might have from youth participation as well as what form would work best based on your answers.

Youth Consumer Poster

Resources from others:

Taking IT Global - A platform for starting actions towards causes. They have a helpful guide on how to start action that you can find here.

Ara Taiohi - Also know as the NZ Association for Adolescent Health and Development. the peak body for the youth sector, created by New Zealand Aotearoa Adolescent Health and Development (NZAAHD) and the National Youth Workers Network Aotearoa (NYWNA). Its website provides resources for people working with young people to enhance youth development.
The Ministry of Youth Development - Te Manatu Whakahiato Taiohi – develops and promotes Active Youth Citizenship in New Zealand. The young people from 12 to 24 years old are encouraged to use their knowledge, skills and experience to participate confidently in their communities.

Participation across NZ


Green - They have one or more people working on active youth consumer participation

Orange - They are trying to recruit young consumers at the moment, check out those jobs!

Red - They don't plan to have youth consumer participation currently

Blue - Have some form of youth advice or consumer advice

Black - We have no recent information on this area