"How to help your loved one eat or tolerate distress in spite of anorexia or another eating or anxiety disorder. Imagine you were to take a bungee jump. What could your instructor do to help you? What would make it worse? One principle is to inspire trust, rather than use logic. By a parent, for parents."
Helping Children After a Natural Disaster

Parents, teachers, and other caregivers can help children and youth cope in the aftermath of a natural disaster by remaining calm and reassuring children that they will be all right.

"Produced in association with the Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA), I HAVE TOURETTES, BUT TOURETTES DOESNT HAVE ME presents a candid, wide-ranging look at the lives of children growing up with this baffling condition."
Info About Kids

Information for families and professionals about body, mind, emotions and relationships.


Is your young adult with an eating disorder ready for college?

By Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D. and Katie Grubiak, RDN

“You’re a person! You come before your disorder!” Have you ever wanted to correct how someone identifies their mental disorder? You might think you’re doing the right thing. But check out this insider’s view on why it’s so important to stop policing language and start respecting people’s preferences on how they identify.
Kidpower aims to build a safer world with positive strategies to stop violence, as well as empowering people of all ages and abilities with positive, effective empowerment training so they have the tools and the confidence to enjoy living to their full potential.
Kids Health is a joint initiative between Starship Foundation and the Paediatric Society of New Zealand. They aim to provide accurate and reliable information about children’s health for New Zealand parents, caregivers, family and whanau.