Positive thinking and self-acceptance, dealing with peer pressure, accepting your feelings.
A useful site from the UK describing the range of medically unexplained symptoms that can affect people of all ages as well as theories of why they occur and what can be done to improve them.
Ways of talking and listening to improve the way you communicate
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust provide support for grandparents/kin who are raising grandchildren/whanau children in difficult circumstances.
Strategies for dealing with personal loss and grief or for helping others to cope with death, shock, anger, and sadness.
This website has information on how to build resilience in children and also on how to deal with problem behaviours.
HeadMeds is a unique UK website about mental health medication for young people aged 13-25. It has been created by YoungMinds and funded by Comic Relief and the Nominet Trust as part of the Innovation Labs ( ) project which has developed a range of digital projects to improve young people's mental health. Created in the style of the 'Talk to Frank' website, HeadMeds provides young people with accessible and useful information about mental health medication during a time which is often confusing, frightening and isolating for them. It includes information about potential side effects when a young person should go and get help and provides answers to some of the difficult questions that young people may have around their medication but may feel uncomfortable asking their GP about, including will it affect my sex life or can I drink with this medication? Complete with real life stories and created side by side with young people HeadMeds provides much needed, straight talk on mental health medication whenever young people need it. The website has been developed by a range of pharmacology experts and young people. It has been endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners and the College of Mental Health Pharmacy and we have been inundated with support for this invaluable resource since we launched the site.
Health Talk Online is a UK based resource which has a section for young people including information on depression, eating disorders, long term health conditions and sexual health.
Healthpoint provides up-to-date information about providers, referral expectations, services offered and common treatment.
Help Guide is an American website for families that includes information about Autism. It includes suggestions on dealing with problem behaviour.