Facts for Families: Helping Children After a Disaster

Several factors affect a child’s response to a disaster. The way children see and understand their parents' responses are very important. Children are aware of their parents’ worries most of the time, but they are particularly sensitive during a crisis.

The Families Commission acts as an advocate for the interests of families and promotes a better understanding of family issues.
Family and Community Services are a service of the Ministry of Social Development. The website has information and resources for individuals, families/whanau and communities.
The Family Court of New Zealand addresses a wide range of issues, particularly around the care of children.
The Family Information Service at Starship Hospital has information for families about children’s medical conditions and disabilities and the contact details of parent and community support groups.
The Family Services Directory lists information about family support organisations and the services/programmes they offer to support New Zealand families to cope with common issues and problems. This list complements the list of services linked to the map on the Werry Centre website.