Ask Aunty Dee Well Being App

The purpose of the ‘Ask Aunty Dee’ well being app is to help people cope with stressful life experiences through support with problem solving.

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Supporting Families provides free support, education and information families/whanau, in order to provide the best possible quality of life and recovery to their loved one who has a mental illness and to their own self care.
This Australian website has a number of useful resources for families, young people and professionals to access on issues of trauma, including bullying and disasters, as well as grief management.
Balance NZ is a charitable trust that makes a difference in the lives of those affected by mental health issues with a focus on mood disorders. Its website has useful information on bipolar disorder as well as other mood disorders.
This UK based website offers useful information about resilience and how to improve it.
CADDRA is a Canadian non-profit, multi-disciplinary alliance of healthcare professionals working in the field of ADHD. They produce the Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines – now in its 3rd edition – and assessment toolkits. CADDRA provides education, training and support on ADHD for healthcare clinicians through their annual national conference, training courses and eLearning portal
Casper (community action on suicide prevention, education & research) was founded by two mothers who lost their children to suicide. It was formed to promote changes to current suicide prevention legislation, policy and practice, provide support and networking for families bereaved by
This website from Western Australia has some useful information about anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Included are techniques for relaxation that may be useful for young people, adults and mental health practitioners.
Learn all about Cerebral Palsy and other common birth injuries.